What is a pendant?

What is a pendant?

A pendant is a fragment of jewelry that either hangs from a chain and is worn on the neck or worn on bracelets. However, the best way to wear it is on chains. Pendants are an attractive piece of jewelry adorned by both men and women. Pendants are a premium piece of jewelry not only because they look upscale but because they come in many forms like: VVS diamonds, gold pendants, and lockets are just a few examples. You can always choose your own pendant- something that you deeply resonate with. Something that is you because being yourself is your superpower that nobody else can have! You are a unique individual and for that, you need a unique pendant. For example, A silver chain would look phenomenal with a VVS diamond pendant. Nowadays, many celebrities, artists, and rappers wear pendants as a way to show off their creativity, passion, religion, and individualism. Pendants have crazy shapes and designs, it's a chance to bring out your inner self on an alluring piece of jewelry.

History of Pendants:

The history of pendants started from the Stone Age where they would wear shells or teeth. Pendants were worn for religious purposes. The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt wore pendants in the shape of flies or serpents to show their obedience to God and during the Middle Ages, the Cross or devotional pendants were worn. However towards the 16th century, pendants became an ornamental piece rather than a religious one.

Why wear pendants?

Wearing diamond chains or gold chains spice up your neck, but adding pendants especially on your favorite chain takes it to the next level. You can also customize your pendants to portray who you are, your values, or  religious beliefs just like the Ancient times. To carry a memory of your loved one, a locket is perfect to place to cherish a favorite picture of them.